What You Need to Know About the Short Term Effects of Cyber Bullying

short term effects of bullyingCalling cyber bulling a “serious problem” would be a gross understatement. Even though about 84% of teens who use social media have seen people defend the person being harassed, the overwhelming majority (95%) of social media-using teenagers have seen someone being cyber bullied online with no one helping them.

Yet, only 68% of teens think that it’s a serious problem.

Chances are it’s because these teens don’t know or understand how serious the short term effects of bullying are. While some people can simply brush off cyber bulling, it can cut others all too deeply.

To give you, as a parent, a better understanding of just how harmful this noxious practice is, here are a few of the most devastating short term effects of bullying.

One of the most obvious short term effects of bullying is depression. Children who are being harassed in some way, shape, or form online often withdraw into themselves and feel upset almost all of the time. Consequentially, they wind up avoiding others, even their parents. Things may get so bad that they actually wind up skipping class or school.

Physical Effect
Cyber bullying can be so bad sometimes that it even manifests itself physically. Some of the short term effects of bullying can include symptoms like constant stomach pains, headaches, and other similar issues, which are caused by the perpetual anxiety and stress of being cyberbullied.

Academic Performance
Bullying not only affects the victim, but the bully themselves, which often has an impact on their school work and life. Some of the short term effects of bullying that aggressors experience include difficulties keeping friends, school absences, and even an increased risk of dropping out.

The short term effects of bullying are serious, and need to be treated as such. The best way to protect your kids online and protect kids on social media is to keep an eye on their online activity. Establish an honest and open dialogue with them, and if you think they’re not being entirely truthful with you — as victims often try to protect their attackers — consider using an Internet activity monitoring tool or an iPhone home monitoring tool to make sure there’s nothing of concern going on.

If you have any questions about the long or short term effects of bullying, feel free to ask in the comments.

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