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About Zabra


Mission Statement

Zabra exists to provide support and guidance to parents with children who are active users of social media networks. Zabra monitors a child’s activities and communications while using popular social media sites, and provides parents guidance on how to discuss difficult issues with their children. Parents don’t allow their kids to talk to strangers, or go to places they aren’t familiar with. Zabra helps parents exercise the same precautions in the online world by placing a halo of digital protection around children while they are interacting with social media.


Being a parent in today’s world is difficult. Children can easily access social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and MySpace on their phones and computers virtually anywhere, anytime. Many parents are having difficulty monitoring their child’s communication with others, and more importantly, they are having difficulty protecting their children from information, content, and influences coming from the social media world. With the prevalence of unlimited text messaging plans and social media sites that have messaging platforms, parents currently have no way to monitor the content or messages that their children are being exposed to on a daily basis.

Zabra protects kids by alerting you to various topics:
  • Bullying
  • Drug Use/Addiction/Abuse
  • Alcohol Use/Addiction/Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Pornography
  • Violence/Aggression
  • Suicide
  • Depression
  • Self-Image
  • Eating Disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, etc.)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Cutting
  • Gossip
Zabra differs from other monitoring systems in the following ways:

There is no software to set up or install. Parents don’t have to be a computer technician to get protection for their children quickly and easily. We do all the “heavy-lifting” in the cloud.

Parents can set virtual boundaries and guidelines for each monitored child that emulate their real-world rules and values.

Alerts are “exception-based” and generated when a child, or someone on their social network, steps out of the bounds that you’ve set. A parent can’t see every conversation, just the ones that break any of the guidelines they set.

Zabra engages children in the process. Once a parent signs up, Zabra sends each child an email and video, specific for their age group and gender, that explains what Zabra is and more importantly what it is not. Ensuring children that their privacy is not being violated by their parent is important to the relationship. Zabra’s goal is to improve the relationship between parents and their children by having real and meaningful dialog about issues that could arise that they’re not prepared to deal with.

We’re not just an alerting system. We offer parents resources from the nation’s top psychiatrists, doctors, counselors, speakers and authors to give guidance and direction on how to best engage with your child on the tough topics of the day. We also empower parents to handle difficult issues with their kids, by providing them help to deal with serious issues before they become a crisis situation.