Stop Cyberbullies From Harming Your Kid by Utilizing Social Media Monitoring Services

social media monitoring servicesAs the internet has grown and people have become better able to connect with others than ever before, many parents are finding that they need social media monitoring services to make sure that their teens are staying safe online. According to a study conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project and Harvard’s Berkman Center, a staggering 94% of teenagers use Facebook, which is just one of the many sites that are commonly used. While social media can be great for a number of reasons, it opens the door for cyberbullying, a serious problem for today’s teens.

Cyberbullying is defined by as “a young person tormenting, threatening, harassing, or embarrassing another young person using the Internet or other technologies, like cell phones.” While it might seem like a minor problem at first glance, the results of cyberbullying can be tragic, and there are dozens of stories of kids harming themselves or taking their own lives after they were teased and ridiculed online. In order to prevent that, even those parents who trust their kids should invest in social media monitoring services that can send alerts when kids are being bullied and help parents step in to help.

Though some might think that internet monitoring tools enable “spying,” and kids will certainly say that, using them might be the only way for parents to protect their teens from bullying. Some 70% of students report seeing online bullying frequently, but just one out of every 10 kids will tell their parents or another adult when they are abused online. Kids like to keep their information private, so the onus of protecting teens falls on the parents. Installing social media monitoring software is the best way to do that.

Part of the reason that cyberbullying is so problematic is the fact that such a high number teens participate. Three quarters say that they have visited a website that bashes another student and 81% believe that bullying online is easier to get away with than in person. In reality, the anonymous nature of some sites means that consequences aren’t always a sure thing, so the best defense teens have is social media monitoring services, even if they don’t like them.

The statistics regarding cyberbullying are quite troubling and one of the realities facing parents today. Stopping teens from using social media completely would be difficult, and might even be unfair. But parents who want the best for their kids should think about using monitoring programs and tools. Without them, it can be impossible to know if cyber bullies are having a negative influence on teens.

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Keep Your Young Kids Safe Online by Monitoring Their Internet Activities

monitor kids internet activityMore than 70% of adults who use the internet regularly use social media. That number creeps up to 81% for kids between the ages of 12 and 17. Though the majority of that population might be highschoolers, 21% of kids under the age of 13 use social media and just over a quarter actually have a YouTube account.

While kids enjoy their freedom online and the ability to connect with people from anywhere, parents might be concerned about both the content kids are viewing and the conversations that they are having. In order to help protect their teens, many will take steps that allow them to monitor kids internet activity. Fortunately, there are social media monitoring services that are able to help.

Perhaps the biggest reason that parents should invest in internet protection for kids is to prevent cyberbullying. There have been dozens of tragic cases in which cyberbullying has caused kids to harm themselves or even take their own lives, and parents who are aware of them might be nervous every time their teen hops onto the computer. Unfortunately, online bullies can be anyone from friends and classmates to complete strangers, and in many cases, they can be completely anonymous. Though it is impossible for parents to look over kids’ shoulders all the time, programs that monitor kids internet activity can help.

An oft-overlooked consequence of internet use is the fact that it could lead to narcissism and unrealistic expectations for kids. A third of kids surveyed said that being famous was either somewhat important, important, or very important to them. While it is hard to say that the internet alone contributes to that trend, it certainly plays a role. The idea of people getting “15 minutes of fame” is much different than it used to be, and there are countless people who have become pseudo-celebrities online. If parents want to prevent their kids from being worried about “going viral,” monitoring what they do on the internet is wise.

It can be tough for parents to make the decision to use internet monitoring tools, but if they want to make sure their kids are safe online, doing so might be the best option. Whether they are worried about bullies or kids getting too attracted to fame, choosing to monitor kids internet activity is a smart choice. Young teens might not be happy about it, but when it comes to their well-being, keeping an eye on their activities can be quite beneficial.

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Online Monitoring Programs Allow Parents to Help Their Teens Escape the Perils of Cyberbullying

internet activity monitorOn October 27, 2012, 13-year-old Erin Gallagher committed suicide. “U prob think it was funny when [I] [expletive] put a rope round my neck cause of yous, yous are that sad!” she told internet bullies in a final statement. Less than two months later, Erin’s sister, two years older, also committed suicide and left no note.

On April 7, 2013, Joshua Unsworth, a 15-year-old from Lancashire committed suicide in his family’s garden. “No one likes you,” he was told by a stranger on a social media site.

On September 10, 2013, Rebecca Sedwick never reported to her middle school in Florida and her body was later found in an abandoned cement silo. She was told, “nobody cares about you” and “you seriously deserve to die” online. Rebecca was only 12.

Parents with teens of their own will find these stories particularly troubling if they have kids who use the internet and social media often. A recent survey found that more than 80% of teens who use the internet have social media accounts. While it can be a great tool for keeping in touch, it often opens the door for cyberbullying. Because of that, parents should try to find ways to keep their kids safe.

In all of these tragic cases, which are just a small representation of the consequences of cyberbullying, teenagers were harassed by users on just one social media website. With teens using so many different ones, parents who want to protect them should use internet activity monitoring programs. Internet protection for kids is vital today, and it can be hard for parents to completely regulate the sites that teens visit. But using social media monitoring software might help make the internet a safer place.

Not every parent will want to use internet activity monitors to keep tabs on their kids, especially since they so often argue for more privacy. However, when it comes to safety, utilizing every possible tool is a smart idea. The best child monitoring software will be able to filter everything from websites visited to specific conversations and alert parents when red flags are raised. As a result, they are a great tool for preventing cyberbullying from getting out of hand.

Unfortunately, looking over kids’ shoulders all of the time while they are on the computer is not practical and even the most comprehensive internet activity monitoring programs are not able to end cyberbullying completely. However, they do give parents the power to limit its impact and help prevent teens from harming themselves.

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Keep Your Kid Safe From Cyber Bullies by Using Advanced Monitoring Programs

how to monitor internet activityUntil recently, parents never had to worry about internet protection for kids who use the web for far more than just schoolwork, regardless of what they might say. However, despite the fact that a third of kids have experienced cyberbullying, only 7% of parents say that they worry about it, according to a Pew Internet and American Life survey conducted in 2011. But cyberbullying can have tragic results, and there are dozens of sad stories about kids who have had bad experiences online harming themselves or even taking their own lives. Because of that, finding reliable options for how to monitor internet activity is a smart choice.

Quite often, the best remedy for bullying is teens sticking up for those who are being bullied. But online, 90% of teens who use social media say that they have ignored mean behavior and 35% say that they have done so frequently. That trend means that teens suffering through bullying are not always getting the support that they need from their peers and friends. If that is the case, then parents might have to take the responsibility for making sure their kids are not bullied online. Since many don’t necessarily know how to monitor internet activity without looking over their kids’ shoulder, social media monitoring services can be a great tool.

The most useful monitoring or restrictive software will not only limit the websites that teens can visit and the content that they are able to view. It will also filter conversations on messaging programs and in emails. When something alarming takes place, the program will alert parents, so that they can step in and make sure their kids handle the situation properly, or remove themselves from it altogether. Considering the fact that cyberbullying can have such a traumatic effect, this is important for parents who want to make sure their kids are safe while they use the internet.
Parents who want to make sure cyberbullying won’t cause their teens to harm themselves or others might be in a difficult position if they want to provide support but don’t know how to monitor internet activity. Fortunately, there are monitoring software programs that are available to not only keep track of the sites that a kid visits, but also to let parents know when there might be a problem. While kids might accuse parents of “spying” if they use it, those arguments will be worthwhile if they help make sure cyberbullying doesn’t get out of hand.

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