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It’s not that I don’t trust my child. It’s that I don’t trust others she may interact with on social media. That’s why my family uses ZABRA to protect our daughter.

– Julie
Zabra Parent of a Middle School Daughter


Parenting in the digital world:

ZABRA offers protection and guidance to parents with children who are active users of social media networks and Text/SMS messaging by providing online safety tools and educational information.

Protecting your child from online predators, cyberbullying, and other dangers that can happen on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Text/SMS Messaging has never been more important.

Zabra Offers:

Text/SMS & Social Media Protection

  • Guard against negative influences on social media and text/SMS messaging
  • Identify potentially risky behavior
  • Don’t let bad decisions ruin your child’s reputation

Simple to Use Dashboard

  • Receive instant alerts when questionable activity is suspected
  • Customize how you would like to be alerted (email, text or nightly summary)

Get Practical Advice When You Need it

  • Each alert is linked with advice from our group of experts
  • Search the vast ZABRA online library of advice and guidance


Explore our parenting advice & content.

sample dashboard

Zabra provides:

ZABRA provides an easy to use centralized dashboard for you to monitor all your child’s social media accounts and Text/SMS mobile phone. The ZABRA dashboard will give you the insight and intelligence you need to ensure that your child is safe; who are they friends with, are they receiving any threatening posts, and are they exposed to any questionable content.

The advanced ZABRA filtering Engine securely works 24/7 to make sure nothing that your child is exposed to, posts or texts is missed. Our filtering engine is constantly updated with any words, phrases and acronyms to keep up with kids.

sample Zabra advice & content

Advice videos:

ZABRA provides helpful videos and other content to help you navigate the waters of parenting. We work with board certified counselors, psychologists, clinicians, medical doctors, nurses and subject matter experts to help you in discussing difficult topics anytime you need them. Access the ADVICE & CONTENT menu item in the top right of each page.

Becoming Empowered:

Empower yourself with meaningful strategies and insight on how to address issues with your
kids. No one can know everything, but ZABRA offers some practical advice that may help in
certain situations. Don’t just check up on your kids; check in and become empowered.


What I’ve loved about ZABRA is that you can customize settings for each of your child. I have two teenaged boys (13 and 16) and they have very different settings based on their maturity level.

Denise J.
Brentwood, TN
ZABRA Parent of a Middle School and High School Son

At the end of the day, ZABRA gives me added peace of mind that something else is out there monitoring my child in a good, positive way and giving me the information and input I need to be a better parent every day.

David W.
Nashville, TN
ZABRA Parent of Two Middle School Daughters

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